Sunday, 28 October 2018

More tests and a day out

The week started off fine for Ziggy, all happy and autumnal without a care in the world:

Then on Wednesday he spent the day at the vets, under anaesthetic having skin biopsies taken which have left him with various puncture wounds:

The samples plus skin scrapings and swabs will be sent away for testing but whe he came home, poor Ziggy was feeling a bit strange after his day so a quiet evening was in order:

Ziggy came to work with me the next day so I could keep an eye on him but he slept for most the day:

He did managed a little lunchtime stroll in the village:

By the time it was the weekend, Ziggy was much more like his usual self so I told him we were going out and as soon as he was in the car, he was ready to go:

It was a lovely, bright but cold day so we went to Bradford on Avon:

We visited the Doghouse which is a fabbie shop selling lovely dog stuff as well as serving coffee.  Ziggy chose a new sweater:

Bradford on Avon is really dog friendly so Ziggy did some shopping and stayed nice and warm in his snazzy sweater:

And once he was home, he played with his little squeaky pumpkin:


Unknown said...

You look very handsome in your fabbie new sweater!

Love, Lucy the Lab's mom

FerFer1958 said...

Ziggy is rocking that new sweater :)