Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 552

Today is a sad day, although not directly for Wiggle. Wiggle and Sir H are both fine, although did have a slippery walk this evening since the paths have all iced over.

Today marks the 4th anniversary since I had to say goodbye to Guinness, Gdog to his friends, the best rescue Labrador I could have wished for. He is the reason I got involved with Labrador Rescue South East & Central and although I didn't know it on the day I met him in 1999, his legacy would be that many more Labrador's would spend time here, either their last days or the days before they started their new lives in homes that would love them.

Last night, Gdog sent me a special message - he sent me "his" star. It's not his alone, it is in fact Sirius the Dogstar, Canis Major. The star, the brightest in our winter sky, always brings me very special memories of a very special boy.

Gdog's star also has another special meaning for me, it's one of the reasons I support Dogstar foundation and the work they do in Sri Lanka:

Which leads me on to a subject that's topical here in the UK right now. The Christmas number one - despite much media hype wasn't the latest XFactor winner but following a public campaign, Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the name of".

Sam and Mark at Dogstar Foundation have a different take on this:

We don't have rabies here in the UK but it only costs £1.33 for each dose of the rabies vaccine and Dogstar have so far vaccinated over 1,800 animals against this preventable disease....

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Baked said...

Special hugs to Wendy for all the work she has done to help these lovely dogs - & thank you, Guinness, for sending her your special star last night to comfort her. Thank you, too, Dogstar, for all the good work you do :)
Love, Lucy the Lab & her mom, Jana