Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 532

Wiggle has been to school this evening & Sir H came too!

Those of you who follow Wiggle on Twitter ( ) will know that Wiggle has a girlfriend, a very beautiful chocolate Labrador called Lucy. Their friendship has developed online as Lucy lives in Seattle, USA, but despite the distance, they love each other lots.

Well, Sir H, not to be outdone, as also got himself a special friend. Also called Lucy! Sir H's Lucy belongs to Tracey & Andrew who run Wiggle's training classes and Sir H met Lucy when the boys stayed with her. Sir H was smitten straight away and spent many happy moments washing Lucy's ears.

Today I had a text to say that Lucy was coming to school this evening, so Sir H wrapped up warm in his fleece and joined us.

Here's Sir H and 'his' Lucy:

As you can see, they were on their best behaviour, watching the rest of the class. And watching out for treats!

I'm not entirely sure that Wiggle learnt anything new this evening, but he enjoyed himself and got to hang out with Honey, Maddie and Reuben. Both boys are worn out after their fun evening and haven't moved since we got home.....

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Baked said...

Sir H & "his" Lucy look so cute together, sharing a blanket! Did you learn anything in school so you can have your sossejes, Wiggle? I'd go back to school just for the sossejes!
Lucy the Lab xoxox