Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 558

Sir H is still doing well and not being sick, which is good although this evening he did struggle on the way back from his little walk. I'd stopped his drugs while he was being sick so I'm hoping its just that he needs to get them back in his system.

Wiggle has been in a silly mood this evening, drinking the bath water while I was in the bath! Thankfully, he didn't try and get in, but if I could read his mind, I'm sure he was thinking about it.

It's Wiggle's silly momens which reminded me of this little verse, posted on Wiggle's Facebook page by Ray, one of the volunteers for Heart of Texas Lab Rescue over in America:

We are off to see the Wiggle
The Wonderful Wiggly Woo
We're off, We're Off, We're Off
What Wiggly, Wiggly things will he do?

Thanks Ray, that did make me smile!

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Baked said...

I loved that poem about my Wiggle!
From your favorite girl,
Lucy Lucy Lulabelle