Thursday, 17 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 546

Wiggle has had a very exciting evening so far. When he went out for his wee after I got home from work, he discovered that there had been a light covering of snow this afternoon.

Clearly feeling very happy and Christmassy, he wagged his tail by the Christmas tree and knocked off a bauble - and then stole it!

Wiggle tried to lay and look all nonchalant, pretending that he didn't have the decoration in his mouth:

But the temptation of a treat was too great, so the bauble was dropped.....

Even more exciting though was the discovery of a Christmas card addressed to Wiggle - all the way from his beautiful choccie girlfriend in America, Lucy the Lab!

Wiggle checked out the envelope:

And discovered some very lovely photo's inside!

Wiggle sends a special Labbie Lick kiss to Lucy to say thank you:

1 comment:

Baked said...

You got my card! Yay! The picture of me in the snow shows my personality best, says mom. Did you smell me on the card or my cat Shadow who laid on it? I'm so excited mom can't keep up with my telepathic messages!
Love, your best girl, Lucy the Lab