Saturday, 26 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 555

Wiggle and Sir H have had a very lovely Christmas. Yesterday Wiggle started by opening his presents:

Every parcel got a sniff, clearly in the search for the best presents!

Wiggle was very pleased when he discovered some new balls!

Wiggle also found a new Loofa toy - this time a Christmas reindeer:

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the new toy was needing to go to the Toy Hospital....

Chewing over, back to check more of the parcels:

Wiggle doesn't look terribly impressed with his new interactive toy....

Wiggle was pleased to discover an edible rawhide Christmas card!

Sir H wasn't in a festive mood and was unimpressed with present opening:

After the presents had been opened, the boys had a walk on the Downs and then we headed over to my parents for the day. Wiggle and Sir H enjoyed a turkey dinner and helped us humans open our gifts.

This morning we all slept in and after brunch (bacon & eggs for me and the boys!) we drove up to the Downs for a walk. The weather has turned milder here, which is a relief after driving on icey roads!

Wiggle didn't hang around:

Running and fetching his ball:

Waiting to chase the ball:

So much space!

Running in the sun:

Sir H, enjoying the fresh air & sunshine:

Meanwhile, Wiggle was still running:

And fetching:

Wiggle waits for the ball while Sir H had other thoughts running through his mind:

Sir H was planning some rolling!

Wiggle was still busy though, running after his ball:

And making the most of a beautiful winter's day

Tomorrow we're going to London to stay with Mindy and Paul and their Labrador boys, Toby and Beenz, two of the boys favourite friends....

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Daisy said...

You are Beautiful, Wiggle!
Happy 2010 to you and your family