Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 531

Wiggle is sad.

His glow in the dark, flashing red ball is flashing no more...... We were out on the green yesterday evening, Sir H was having a lie down while Wiggle was running around when I noticed that the flashing had stopped. Wiggle still wanted me to throw the ball, but I had to explain to him that if he couldn't see it in the dark, we would lose it.

Wiggle has added a new flashing, glow in the dark ball to his Christmas wish list.

We do have good news to report today though. Wiggle has received an email from Bella, our baldy fosterdog. She's now in her new home, getting to know her lovely new family and her new sister Delilah. Sounds like everything is going really well for Bella and she's settling well. Bella has asked Wiggle if he can arrange a playdate soon, as she's not far from Bradford on Avon where we were at the weekend.

All being well we'll arrange something soon as it would be great to see how Bella is doing and report back.


Keisha said...

I bet a new blinky ball will be fun! :0

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Wiggle,

I have read about your wish for Christmas! I shall put a good word in for you, pal!!! MOL!
Love, HB (Honeybell-Wildboutbirds)