Monday, 21 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 550

Wiggle and Sir H have had a very exciting day! We woke up to find a nice covering of snow had come down overnight. Only and inch or so, but snow is snow!

Sir H enjoyed a roll around:

While Wiggle chose to glare at me as I'd not taken his ball out on our walk:

What Wiggle didn't know was that I'd taken the day off work and we were going visiting - to see Sam at Dogstar HQ! They'd had more snow over in Milton Keynes so we took the boys and Noah over to the playing fields for a walk.

Wiggle and Noah started off with lots of running around:

Then Noah dropped to the ground to make snow angels!

Sir H was wrapped up warm in his fleece:

Wiggle was running around too much to get cold:

Snowy Wiggle:

Noah, boinging around:

And making snow angels again!

Wiggle, still running, as usual....

Noah, still making snow angels!

Sir H, nicely covered in snow:

And then rolling again:

Wiggle & Noah, doing boys stuff together:

Chasing games:

Sir H having a good time, in his own way......

Noah takes a rest:

Wiggle - he just doesn't stop!

Back at the house, while us human's warmed up with coffee, Noah did what any sensible, worn out dog would do, and took to his bed:

But not Wiggle. He still wanted to play!

Eventually Wiggle had a rest while Sam and I chatted in the kitchen, But then Wiggle noticed a hole in the door - a small Collie sized dogflap:

I wouldn't have thought Wiggle would fit through - but he did!


.... going...

....... Gone!

And then coming back in again!

We all had a lovely day and it was great to catch up on all the Dogstar news. The boys slept soundly while I drove us home in heavy snow!

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Baked said...

What fun you had Wiggle! Now that you discovered the dog door flap, are you going to want one? Hee hee!
Love, your best girl, Lucy the Lab
(sent by telepathy)