Saturday, 19 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 548

Today we've been out on the Downs, enjoying the cold winters day. Sir H was all warm and snug in his fleece jumper:

While Wiggle kept warm by running around!

Sir H doesn't go fast enough to warm up!

Unlike Wiggle who was full of energy:

Sir H was still sniffing.....

And Wiggle was still running!

Sir H had a shake....

And Wiggle made the most of the vast space to run around:

Bringing the ball back:

Running in the sun:

About to pounce on the ball:

Got it!

Sir H has a roll on the cold, frosty ground:

Upright again:

Wiggle shows off his jumping skills:

More fetching:

Sir H wants nothing to do with such energetic activity:

Boys together:

Squinting Sir H:

Wiggle didn't stay still for long:

Sir H: all warm and cuddly!

Wiggle didn't have time for anything but his ball:

Happy, smiley Wiggle:

"Just throw the ball!!!"

Get that ball!

After all that cold, crisp fresh air, the boys are both fast asleep in their beds!

1 comment:

Baked said...

I love the jumping shot of Wiggle! Sir H looks so happy after his roll in the frosty grass, too :)
Love, Lucy the Lab