Sunday, 27 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 556

Wiggle is in London! We arrived late morning after a good drive along clear roads. Wiggle was wearing his car harness and rode up front as navigator and co-pilot:

Once we'd arrived, we took all the boys out for a walk on the Common. Toby and Wiggle played while Sir H and Beenz took their activities at a more leisurely pace:

While lunch was being prepared, all 4 boys tried their best to be helpers:

Helping in the kitchen is clearly very tiring, so Wiggle took himself to bed - in Toby & Beenz's very own dog sofa:

Beenz shared his bed with Sir H:

While Toby preferred to position himself on the back of the human sofa!

Unfortunately, it's not all good news since we arrived - Sir H is poorly, having been sick numerous times. In himself he does seem quite bright and he is drinking well but I'm starving him for 24 hours in case whatever it is that has upset his tummy can work itself out of his system.


Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

Pleased you all enjoyed the trip to London.
Who needs a sat nav with such a competent navigator?
Sending healing thoughts for Sir H.
Hope he is soon back to normal.

Baked said...

OMD!! Toby on the top of the sofa made me laugh! I shoo the cats off of the top of mine all the time - guess I should be grateful Lucy doesn't get up there :) (Don't get any ideas, Lucy!)
Jana & Lucy the Lab