Saturday, 12 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 541

We've had a lovely, bright day here today, although rather cold. After the boys had been out for their morning walk, Wiggle and I went up to the Downs so he could have a good run around.

As always, Wiggle was running around as soon as he was out of the car:

Up through the tree's and Wiggle was still running, chasing around after his ball:

After we'd walked through the woods, Wiggle was still wanting me to throw the ball:

Doesn't Wiggle look so good? Hard to remember the skinny, baldy dog from last year!

Walking down, Wiggle was happy to run ahead:

But then went the wrong way, back up the hill!

Coming back down again:

On the right track again:

And some more fetching before heading back to the car:

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