Sunday, 6 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 535

We've had a lovely morning of sunshine here which has made such a nice change to the dull, rainy days recently. I took the boys up to the Downs for their walk and straight away, Wiggle was running around with his ball:

Sir H enjoyed a little stroll, at a slower pace:

Then stopped to feel the wind in his ears, sniffing in the cold, crisp windy air:

Followed by a roll around in the grass!

Two boys together, flappy ears!

More running for Wiggle, happy to be out playing without getting soaking wet:

Waiting for the ball, showing normal ears:

Flappy ear one side:

Flappy ear other side:

Flappy ears both sides!

Flappy ear demonstration over, time for more running:

Meanwhile, Sir H was looking like he was in a rather thoughtful mood.....

Then again, perhaps he was just enjoying the sun on his face and the wind in his ears?!

Wiggle was still running though, still fetching his ball:

After all that sun and fresh air, both Wiggle and Sir H have worn themselves out and are having an afternoon nap....

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Baked said...

Oh Wiggle, I love you & Sir H's flappy ears! You look very athletic & muscular when you run, too! Nice to see Sir H enjoying himself as well -
Love, Lucy the Lab