Sunday, 13 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 542

Today we went to Westonbirt for the annual Oldies Club winter walk. The walk is open to everyone even though at 7 years old now, Wiggle is officially an 'oldie', not that he behaves like one!

Sir H waited in the car with his special friend Lucy as neither of them would have managed the walk.

There was lots of running around, Megan, Bailey & Hazel:



Hazel, Minnie & Bailey:

Bailey, Jess & Wiggle:

After all that running, a wallow in a nice muddy puddle always goes down well!

Wiggle lost his ball and for some reason thought it was in the puddle, so spent some time ducking his head in the muddy water to try and find it. Alas, the ball wasn't in the puddle!

Wiggle & Bailey, waiting for the ball. That'll be Ball Number 2:

The very handsome Bailey:

More running:

Wiggle, Jed, Megan, Hazel and Bailey - waiting for the ball to be thrown:

Jess, Megan, Jed, Wiggle and Cherry, all having a great time:

1.... 2.... 3........

Go !!!

Back again - apart from Hazel and Bailey who must have found something more interesting to do!

Bailey - poking his tongue out at something.....

More running, paws-a-flying!


And the very special Captain Jack - recently adopted by Marge & Keith, new brother for Cherry since the lovely Spike passed away. Jack is losing his sight due to PRA and reminds me of Bumpy.

Jack enjoyed some offlead time too:

After the walk, it was time for the humans to have coffee & cakes and the dogs to have sausages. Sir H and Lucy joined us, although at this point in time, Sir H was bumbling around somewhere else!

Lovely Lucy:

"Please, just one more sausage?"

Wiggle, Lucy & Sir H:

Beautiful Megan, trying the under the bench approach to sausage snaffling!

We had a really lovely walk, the weather stayed dry and all the dogs had loads of fun. Wiggle is crashed out on the sofa and has only moved to have his dinner!


Lynne said...

Was a brilliant walk,Wiggle looks absolutely wonderful and Sir H is his usual charming self.

Baked said...

What a fun day you all had! I wish I could have been there :) Sir H's Lucy has the best Labbie smile I have ever seen - what a great picture! And Wiggle, you look so muscular & athletic! Love, Lucy the Lab

Rubyjen said...

Looks a great place for "multiple dogs". Loadds of space to charge around without knocking the 2 legged members over. Where is it?

Wiggle said...

Rubyjen, we went to Westonbirt Arboretum, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. It's a great place for walkies!!