Monday, 28 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 557

Wiggle, Sir H and I are home again after a lovely visit to our friends in London. I'm very relieved to report that Sir H seems brighter and eventually stopped being sick last night and after being starved for 24 hours, has kept down a light supper of rice and egg.

Sir H stayed at the house this morning while Mindy and I took Beenz, Toby and Wiggle to the Common:

Glad to be offlead, Toby and Wiggle did lots of running around:

Wiggle, being good:

And Wiggle, after not being good - out of character for Wiggle, he decided to run off after the scent of something interesting and took ages to come back, so went back on lead for a while. Then managed to try and tangle up Beenz:

Once Wiggle had promised to be good he was allowed off lead again and had some more play time with Toby, running one way after the ball:

Then runing the other way:

Wiggle ignored his blue ball, preferring to chase after Toby's tennis ball:

Fetching the ball back:


Beenz preferred to watch rather than join in:

Toby was certain he'd seen a squirrel in the tree and shouted at it, despite the audience of passing cyclists!

After a sleep for the boys while Mindy and I went to the shops, soon it was time to head back home, with Wiggle once again travelling up front. Here he is looking out at the Thames as we drove over Battersea Bridge:

Soon though it was dark so Wiggle curled up and slept for the rest of the journey...


Baked said...

What fun you boys had! I wish I was there; I'd have helped Toby get that horrid squirrel!
Lucy the Lab (sent by telepathy)

Wiggle said...

Lucy, we thought of you when Toby was shouting at that squirrel! I told Toby to look for the slow, obese squirrels, BOL! Lots of love, Wiggle xx