Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Kindness of Strangers....

When I started writing Wiggle's blog, 18 months ago in June last year, I never had any idea as to how many people would read it regularly. The original reason for the blog was to keep track of Wiggle's progress after being given up to Labrador Rescue South East & Central.

As it became apparent that people were interested, the site stats showed that he had regular readers, I carried on writing, sharing Wiggle's life with you all. Wiggle's blog has readers all over the world!

What I wasn't prepared for was the huge amount of support we would receive. It's actually almost as overwhelming as it is heartwarming to know that so many people have enjoyed reading about Wiggle's progress from bald, skinny, sad-faced dog to the handsome, happy, healthy boy he is today.

We've received so many supportive comments and email messages and for those, I thank you all. I'm also so very grateful to the donations towards Wiggle which have come to LRSE&C as a result of Wiggle's blog as the charity couldn't do the fantastic work it does for needy Labrador's without such generosity.

As well as his blog, Wiggle has his Facebook Fanpage and of course he Tweets and Twitter is where he met his beautiful girlfriend, Lucy the Lab who lives in Seattle, USA! As a result of Wiggle's quest for internet fame, we've been to events and met people who've asked "Is this Wiggle?!".

Anyone who shares their life with a loved animal companion at their side will know that there are sad times as well as the happy times, and receiving the supportive emails and comments is also something I will be eternally grateful for - I can't name you all, but you'll know who you are, so a huge "thank you" is sent to you.

Last night I was feeling a little down, remembering Gdog and missing my choccie girls who sadly left me far too soon and I received a lovely email. That email got me thinking and is the reason for this blog entry - the kindness of strangers really is truly incredible. Some of you reading this we have met, the majority we haven't and probably never will, but the support and kindness Wiggle, Sir H and I have received has been amazing and although we'll never get to thank you in person, our sincere thanks go out to you.

Wiggle has also been honoured with a very special award - Labradors Worldwide's Labrador of the Year 2009!

Thank you to everyone who voted for my special boy!

Tomorrow Wiggle will be opening his parcels that are waiting for him under the Christmas tree, but for now I will leave you with the reason for this blog:

We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Wiggle, Wendy & Sir H xx



Wendy that was a lovely post.
I must admit I am a Wiggle blog addict and log on every day to catch the latest on Wiggle and his housemate Sir H.

Looking at the 2 photos of Wiggle it is hard to belive he is the same dog.
He looks so downcast and unhappy in the first pic and so upbeat and healthy in the second.
All thanks to you and the time you have spent getting this lovely lab turned around and also to LRSE&C, a wonderful breed rescue that really does care about the dogs that arrive for rehoming.

I hope you, Wiggle and the very distinguished Sir H have a wonderful Christmas with lots of lovely gifts


~Kim~ said...

What a lovely post. I have been involved in rescue here in Virginia for about 10 years now. I've seen the change in the faces of many pups like Wiggle when that spark is relit in their heart and their soul because they have found someone like you who has opened their heart and home to them.

I hope you, Wiggle and Sir H, and the rest of your family have a wonderful holiday!