Sunday, 28 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 619

We're home again after a lovely time in London with our friends Mindy and Paul and their Lab's Toby and Beenz. If I'd have had any concerns about Sofy getting on with the boys, I needn't have worried as they all got along just fine, even after our journey ended up taking an hour longer than planned due to problems on the motorway. Sofy jumped out of the car with Wiggle, ran in to say hello and not a single grumble from anyone!

Sir H stayed in the house while we took everyone for a walk on Wandsworth Common where Sofy, Wiggle and Toby did lots of running and chasing around. Beenz prefers to pootle along at his own pace but by the evening, they all were ready to settle down:

Toby, relaxing:

Sofy - thoughtful face:

Beenz, snoozing....

Even Wiggle was feeling sleepy and he's normally the last one up!

All the dogs had a treat of carrot but Sir H wasn't keen:

Sleeping Toby:

Today we woke up to heavy rain but we'd made plans to go to Richmond Park, so off we went. Sofy and Wiggle splashed around in the stream:

And were soon joined by Toby:

Wiggle jumps out while Sofy stands by:

As we walked on, Toby was the last to catch up but soon came running at high speed!

Happy Lab's:

Toby found a nice big branch to chew on, so Sofy decided she'd make a start on the other end!

But Toby wanted to carry the branch and Sofy wasn't helping!

Sofy boings head first!

Beenz found his own log to carry, and was a happy boy.

Now we're home and the've all had dinner, the dogs are all fast asleep......


Fernando F. said...

your dogs are so well behave.
about pic "Sofy - thoughtful face"... is she asking to anybody to show her where her usual bed is?
Sir H is waiting for somebody to rub some bacon juice on that carrot.
Are those Labs mixed with fish?

Sofy didn't boing head first. She was practising her yoga in the outdoors.

pic "Beenz found his own log to carry, and was a happy boy."... those are are very threatening, as in 'this is my branch... mine, mine, mine'.

very nice day for all those doggies.

Lucy the Lab said...

Oh Wiggle, I so enjoyed seeing your trip to London to visit your mates. Sofy looked so cute with her boinging head first! And I loved the pic of my sleepy boy :)Toby sure knows how to relax on that sofa - he & Beenz are handsome lads. Sir H wanted gravy with his carrot like at home :)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab