Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 608

Wiggle and Sofy have both had mail today! Wiggle received a Valentine's card from his lovely girlfriend, Lucy the Lab, all the way from Seattle! Sadly the postal system between here and there let the two lovehounds down as Wiggle's card was a few days late....

To start with, Wiggle was chewing on a tennis ball and not showing much interest:

But when he realised the card was from his best girl, he quickly sniffed and breathed in her snuffle!

Deep in thought, Wiggle let out a big sigh, no doubt wishing he could have snuffled with Lucy for real.....

Wiggle's card from his best girl, at floor level on the fireplace:

Sofy's post was nearly as exciting - a new collar!

All the dogs have their own 'colour' - Wiggle's is red, Sir H is blue and as Sofy is here forever now, I thought she needed her own collar instead of the one she had from my supply of collars.

I found this lovely collar at the Big Dog Boutique - so Sofy's mail was also from America! Their online shop has a great range of collars, styles and sizes and as Sofy now uses Wiggle's red Halti lead and has a red collar tag, I decided she needed something to co-ordinate!

First attempt at being a model:

"Me? A model?"

Bored of modelling, Sofy got a tennis ball to play with instead....


Lucy the Lab said...

Oh Wiggle! You finally got my card with my snuffle in it :) I did smudge my pawprint so it looks like I got seven toes, BOL! But I'm normal, I swear!

I like Sofy's new collar with the dots - it's very pretty for a pretty girl.

Love, Wiggle's best girl, Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

yes Sofy, you a model.
you look gorgeous in that pic.

Fernando1958 from Montreal