Friday, 19 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 610

Another sleepy photo this evening - although I did try and get what would have been a cute picture - Wiggle and Sofy sitting with their paws in between each other's.

Wiggle, Sofy and I are going to Westonbirt Dog Days tomorrow -

We were going to be going with Tracey, Wiggle's trainer but unfortunately she's unwell so unable to make it - we hope you feel better very soon, Trace!

I'm not sure what Sofy will make of it as there will be lots of other dogs. She's still having good walks and not so good walks, greeting dogs she's met with lots of tail wagging and the odd occassion of barking at dogs she doesn't know.

We'll see how Sofy finds tomorrow and report back!

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Fernando F. said...

I love seeing dogs sleeping together, sharing their last thoughts of the day :)

Fernando1958 from Montreal