Saturday, 13 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 604

Exciting news - Sofy is staying!

When Sofy came into the care of Labrador Rescue South East & Central and I offered to foster her, I didn't know whether I would bond with her or she would fit in with us and our life. But as time has gone on, despite Sofy's issues, she has fitted in so well, I've decided she should stay.

Anyone who know's me well will know how much I loved my choccie girls Poppy and Dolly and how heartbreaking it was to lose them both - Poppy after 3 years and Dolly after just over a year. Sadly, both became very ill and we had to say goodbye too soon.....

I'd always hoped that one day I would find another choccie girl special enough to follow in Poppy and Dolly's footsteps, and Sofy is that girl. It wasn't love at first sight, but as the weeks have passed, I've fallen for Sofy.

I think I finally knew the other evening, when Sofy was fast asleep, head in my lap and she woke up, looked at me all sleepy eyed and I just thought: I love you!

Any dog joining our family would need to be friends with Wiggle and as he has got to know Sofy, he has got to love having a new playmate:

And someone to cuddle with on the sofa:

So, thanks to LRSE&C, my canine family is complete once more - my black boys and choccie girl.

Today we've been out and about, visiting the parents and stopping off on the way home for a walk. Wiggle and Sofy were playing ball:

Sofy keeps grabbing the ball from Wiggle so he decided to run ahead, out of her reach!

There was a little snow on the ground but that didn't stop the games and Wiggle and Sofy waiting for me to throw the ball:

Wiggle is ahead.....

... then a quick game of tuggy:

Quick stop to catch their breath:

Beautiful Sofy:

Handsome Wiggle:

Sofy shows off her cornering skills:


Sofy wins the ball!

More playing:

The girl who tugs hardest gets the ball!


Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

Brilliant news Wendy :))
This has made my day!
Wiggle now has a lovely playmate and Sofy has the "perfect" home.
I hope she has many happy years with you.

Lucy the Lab said...

Congratulations, Wiggle, on having a new sister :) She'll keep you on your toes!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Sofy will keep your cardio up with all those runs and competitions to get the ball. You look very happy together and very loving while you sleep. I'm so happy for you both.

Fernando1958 from Montreal