Saturday, 6 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 597

Wiggle and Sofy have been for a walk down by the river. We'd been out this morning but only a walk to the green and run around with a ball, so this afternoon, I thought we'd go to the river in town for a change.

Sofy hasn't been on this walk before so Wiggle was ahead, leading the way:


Sofy wasn't far behind Wiggle:

As usual, Wiggle was running back and forth with his ball:

A few times Sofy beat him to it!

Then Sofy found the water! I wasn't sure whether she was a swimmer or not, especially as she didn't start out looking too impressed at getting her feet wet:

However, as soon as I threw the ball, Sofy joined Wiggle in splashing around:

Wiggle prepares to jump up the riverbank....

With Sofy not far behind!

Waiting for the ball, Wiggle tries to get a head start:

But is beaten by Sofy to the ball!

Sofy brings the ball back while Wiggle tried to look like he couldn't care:

Loving the ball as he does, Wiggle did care though and as soon as he had the ball, ran off with it!

Sofy watches Wiggle:

Wiggle did come back, so they were both in the water once more, waiting for the ball. Wiggle also managed to get a nice blob of slobber across his face!

Splish, splash!

Sofy swims back to me, without the ball.....

Back on dry land, more chasing after the ball:

Waiting. Still with slobber on Wiggle's face:

Attractive, isn't it?!

Wiggle didn't care what he looked like and ran ahead, carrying the ball:

Sofy showed willing and chased after Wiggle:

But was happier to walk by my side, being a good girl:

Wiggle has very kindly let Sofy borrow one of his fleece jumpers to dry off and they are both worn out now, after their fun afternoon walk....

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Lucy the Lab said...

What a fun day you two had! I liked the look on Sofy's face when she got to the ball before Wiggle :) (But I think you let her get the ball, my kindhearted boy)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab