Sunday, 14 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 605

It's been a busy Sunday for Wiggle! He woke up to find his beautiful girlfriend Lucy had left him a special Valentine's Day message on Twitter:

After a short nap, clearly overcome with excitement, Wiggle and Sofy came with me to the petshop to get dogfood. We went the back roads so stopped at Maude Heath on the way back for a quick run around:

As always, they both wanted me to throw the ball:

Wiggle, with Sofy not far behind!

Sofy, although she's fast on her feet, she doesn't seem to have Wiggle's stamina!

Wiggle waits for Sofy to drop the ball:

But she didn't want to!

If this morning's walk wasn't enough, we had my friends the Two Allan's due at lunchtime to go for a walk. We went up to the Downs and boys being boys, they found the rope swings in the trees!

Once they'd got bored with swinging, we carried on with our walk until we had to stop and search for the ball after Sofy ran off with it and couldn't remember where she'd dropped it!

Allan, followed by Wiggle and Sofy in the tall grass, leads the search party

Ball found, time for a game of tuggy!

More running:

We walked on round the edge of the gallops, with Sofy and Wiggle still running around:

As soon as we got home, Wiggle went to bed and only moved to have his dinner!


Lucy the Lab said...

I love that last pic with Sofy running with the ball - she has a ha ha! look on her face - better catch up with her, my love! (but perhaps my kind boy was letting her have the ball)
Love, your best Valentine,
Lucy the Lab

Anonymous said...

that looks like a day full of fun. the place is amazing. so much field to run around. you look very happy running around together. Is better when you can share happiness :)

Fernando1958 from Montreal