Saturday, 20 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 611

So today we went to Westonbirt Arboretum for their Dog Days event. To be honest, the Dog Days part was a bit of a let down, not an awful lot there although it was a good experience for Sofy to be in close contact with lots of other dogs.

She did me proud and was very good and nice to all the dogs and people she met. We had such a lovely, sunny day here so went for a nice long walk around Silk Wood.

Unfortunately, my useless ball throwing didn't get the walk off to the best start:

I managed to throw the ball and it got stuch in a tree! Thankfully, I'd taken 2 tennis balls with me, just in case of such a disaster, so Wiggle and Sofy still had a ball to chase after.

Wiggle and Sofy played nicely, taking it in turns with the ball:

Despite it being a dog-oriented event, we didn't actually meet many other dogs while we were walking!

Wiggle and Sofy had lots of fun, running and chasing the ball and each other:

Enjoying the sunshine:

Waiting for the ball and still relatively clean at this point!

Wiggle found something unpleasant to roll in - showing off whatever it was, on his face!

More running:

Wiggle added some mud to his nose, to complete his look for the day:

Wiggle looks for more mud while Sofy plays fetch:

Sofy found a nice muddy puddle to splash in:

Just me and the dogs!

More fun in the sun:

Wiggle had a good time:

Sunshine and shade:

Sofy beats Wiggle to the ball:

Wiggle waits for Sofy to drop the ball:

Wiggle watches the ball.....

But Sofy didn't want to let go!

After eventually dropping the ball, Wiggle ran on ahead, hoping that he could keep the ball for himself for a while:

Nearly crashing into each other!

But once again, Wiggle gets the ball!

Muddy dogs, sitting on the cafe decking while I had a coffee:

After having the mud brushed off, both Wiggle and Sofy have been sleeping since we got home....


Fernando F. said...

what a wonderful place, wonderful pictures, 2 muddy but still handsome dogs. such a nice day.

eggpuff said...

love the pictures, are there any stalls at the dogy day at all?

Wiggle said...

Hi Peter, there were only a few charity stalls, Dogs Trust, Blue Cross etc but no trade stands. There is a marquee with demonstrations of agility and training but that was about it....