Monday, 8 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 599

We were due to meet up with our friend Cheryl today for a walk but sadly she's not been very well. As we'd been up fairly early and were ready to go, we went anyway - to Coate Water.

As soon as he was out of the car, Wiggle was running around with his tennis ball:

Sofy was waiting for me to throw the ball, while Wiggle tried to get ahead:



More running:

Then we were at the edge of the lake:

Getting wet!

Back on dry land and more exploring:

As we walked, it started to snow but that didn't put Wiggle or Sofy off waiting for the ball:

Sofy brings the ball back:

On the other side of the lake, with the slipway in the background:

Serious "Throw the ball!" faces:

Sofy chases Wiggle:

Despite following the path around the lake, Sofy and Wiggle kept on stopping, sitting and hoping that I'd throw the ball!

So I did!

More exploring:

Muddy paths, which is good if you're a dog!

Still snowing!

Snowy Wiggle:

After getting nicely covered in mud, Wiggle and Sofy have each had a bath. Wiggle was due a bath anyway and tolerated it, as always. Sofy didn't seem to mind and they're both nice and clean again!

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Lucy the Lab said...

Hi Wiggle & Sofy! What a fun place to play in - I loved the little vid showing your swimming & shaking skills. I noticed you made sure you had the ball, Wiggle!
Sent telepathically by your best girl, Lucy the Lab