Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 593

As regular readers of Wiggle's blog will know, another animal welfare organisation we support is Dogstar Foundation - http://www.dogstarfoundation.com/

Self funded and relying on donations, Dogstar carry out fantastic work in Sri Lanka, sterilising and vaccinating dogs and cats. Dogs just like Pickle have benefitted so much thanks to Dogstar:

Dogstar Foundation have been donated a fantastic prize of £150 voucher for Red Letter Days - www.redletterdays.co.uk

They have created a fun number phrase quiz for everyone to enter and winner takes all!

Entries cost £2 via paypal to their account: paypal@dogstarfoundation.com

Once you have received the paypal receipt email that to: newsletter@dogstarfoundation.com and you will be sent the quiz. Once completed email it back to newsletter@dogstarfoundation.com by midnight on 15th February for your chance to win!

The winner will be the entry with the most correct answers and will be announced on 16th February. In the case of a draw the winner will be decided by random selection from those entries with the most correct answers.

The voucher must be used to book an experience day by 27th February 2010, but the experience itself can be at a later date. Please remember to put your name and address on the entry so we can send you the voucher straight away.

Wiggle has very kindly said I can use some of his pawket money to enter!

Please take part if you can spare a couple of pounds - it only costs a few pounds to vaccinate a dog or cat in Sri Lanka so every entry can help Dogstar carry on making a difference!


Pickle's mummy said...

Seeing that poor dog called Pickle has made this more fortunate Pickle's mum feel really sad. We'll be taking part.

Sirius said...

Thank you Wiggle , Pickle and her friends are very grateful for your help in promoting the competition, Sam and the Dogstar Team