Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 600

600 days of Wiggle!

No idea why, but there's something special about the round number. Not that Wiggle can count that high of course.

After a day of catching up on sleep Wiggle and Sofy spent some time playing:

Sofy watches, waiting for Wiggle to let go:

Time to swap round:

Sofy is unimpressed that Wiggle stole the rope & ball toy!

But soon got it back again!


Lucy the Lab said...

600 days of Wiggle! Just reading that makes me very happy for my handsome boy! I see you are being very good to your sister, Silly Sofy & that she's settling in well.
Here's to the next 600 days, & the next 600 after that & the next 600 & the next & the next...
Love, your best girl, Lucy the Lab

Anonymous said...

600 days... wow... such a drastic change from before... many kisses to you in your anniversary (let's call it that).
you look very dedicate to destroy your toy.
nice to see you both together.

Fernando from Montreal