Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 602

Just another ordinary Thursday for Wiggle, Sir H and Sofy. Breakfast.... nap.... walk..... nap.... walk.... nap and so on.

Sir H didn't want to go for an evening walk so it was just Wiggle and Sofy. We saw Sam, the elderly Collie that lives around the corner. Wiggle was all waggy and happy to see him and Sofy was good, saying hello nicely and not barking at all.

We carried on with our walk and met a chap walking a Labrador and Golden Retriever. Wiggle was his waggy self but Sofy's body language changed and I knew she was getting ready to start shouting!

Fortunately, the chap slowed down which gave me a chance to explain that Sofy was a Labrador Rescue foster and wasn't a nasty dog, just that she sometimes barks. His dogs were both friendly and wagging so Wiggle went and said hello while Sofy slowly got a little closer.

Gradully, Sofy got nearer to the other dogs and stopped shouting at them and nicely said hello. I thanked the man and explained that she needed to get more positive experiences with other dogs to learn that there's no need to bark.

Sofy got lots of praise for being nice to the other dogs and after a few minutes, we went on our way again. Hopefully Sofy will remember this positive experience and soon realise that she doesn't need to bark .....

1 comment:

Lucy the Lab said...

Good girl, Sofy! Tho I wonder what you say when you shout at other dogs... Wiggle being his waggy self; I would love to see that!
Love, your wiggly & waggy best girl, Lucy the Lab xx