Friday, 5 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 596

Wiggle seems to be warming to Sofy over the last few days. Last night, they were sitting companionably on the sofa:

And this evening, Sofa decided to get a little more snuggly, using Wiggle's bum as a pillow!

Then, after a quick swap around, they were settled for a full on snuggle:

Wiggle has always been good with other dogs and its nice to see Sofy more settled and the pair of them happy to share 'prized' spaces like the sofa.

Sir H, not one for great displays of affection, was having none of it!

Sofy is still doing well but just when I think we're getting somewhere with her reaction to other dogs, she has a blip! She has been good, seeing other dogs and not reacting badly. Last night we were out on the green, playing with the flashing ball and another dog walked past and Sofy took no notice at all. Then this evening, she saw one dog and did the whole pulling and barking thing again.

There doesn't seem to be any obvious reason - big dog or small, some Sofy ignores, others she feels the need to shout at. To be fair, Sofy is getting less reactive and in the scheme of things, she's only been here a few weeks. Indoors, Sofy is very good, still boinging at mealtimes but she is learning that she has to sit and wait before she gets her food.

I've got Monday off work so an extra weekend day to get out and about and Sofy into situations with more dogs around and practice being a good girl...

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Lucy the Lab said...

Look how nice my Wiggle is being to Sofy! And helping Sofy to learn to be a good girl by example :)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab