Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wiggle - Day 612

After a cloudy and wet start to our Sunday, the sun came out this afternoon so I took the dogs up to the Downs. Sir H came too, as he loves nothing better than laying in the sunshine.

To start, Sir H, Sofy and Wiggle were each doing their own thing: Sir H laying, Sofy waiting for the ball and Wiggle just running:

Wiggle and Sofy playing chase:

Sir H, soaking up the sun:

All 3 together:

Sofy gets all hoppy with the ball!

While Sir H enjoys a good roll around on the grass:

Wiggle and Sofy, still playing chase:

Sir H, happy sunny old boy:

Sofy, sitting pretty:

Wiggle, waiting for the ball, as usual!

More play:

Sir H, just being himself.....

Sofy goes for the low-level approach to get the ball.....

.... and it worked!

Sunny Sir H:

My gentle, handsome, grey faced old man:

Four back feet off the ground:

Wiggle follows Sofy and the ball:

Sofy, flinging the ball!

Wiggle watches, hoping Sofy will drop the ball:

Sofy doesn't want to though!

Wiggle, pleading face, "please get the ball for me!"

Next throw and Sofy gets the ball - plus a mouthfull of grass!

Meanwhile, Sir H gets a cuddle, sitting in the sunshine with me....


Pickle's mummy said...

Lovely pictures, particularly the one of the three of them in a line. You always do such a good job of photographing them – I find taking pictures of my boy a complete nightmare because he never stops moving!

Lucy the Lab said...

So nice to see everyone enjoying themselves in the sunshine - Sofy is getting very clever in getting the ball. Wiggle, you just look more & more handsome in each pic - no wonder I love you so!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

another day, another set of amazing pics. and the narrative so good with each pic.
I'm really happy to see Sir H living with such a loving family. With the issues that he has, he couldn't be in a better house.

*sending a scratching to Sir H's head from Montreal*

Fernando1958 from Montreal

Wiggle said...

Thank you for all the kind comments. They're all special but Sir H especially so- he has a poorly front leg, is very wobbly on his back legs and some days doesn't feel inclined to go out. He does have the most gentle nature, is very quiet and undemanding and we love him to bits!