Monday, 1 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 620

I've had the day off today and as luck would have it, we've had a lovely, sunny spring day here. Making the most of the weather, after visiting the parents, we headed over to the Cotswold Water Park

Wiggle didn't hang around and was in the water pretty much as soon as he jumped out of the car!

Sofy stayed dryer for longer, but still wanted to chase the ball:

A swan. Sofy later decided to try and swim out to the swan but found she couldn't really swim and bark at the same time!

Pretty Sofy, no doubt planning her swan chasing!

Having fun in the sunshine:

Sofy gets the ball:

Dogs Allowed!

Sofy, swimming back after going to "say hello" to the swan:

Waiting for the ball:


More swimming:

Back on dry land:

Then back in the water!

Wiggle and Sofy, enjoying their walk:

Wiggle chases Sofy:

Soggy dogs:

Once we'd walked all around the lake, I got a coffee as I thought it would be nice to sit out. Sofy also decided it was nice - sitting ON the table!

Clearly, a better view from higher up!

Wiggle watches the birds:

Fleece jumpers on to dry off:


Fernando F. said...

that's an amazing day they had.
are they related to ducks?

Sofy knows that food (or coffee) will be placed on the table, not on the ground... very smart.

the pictures are very nice.
nice to see them enjoying each other so much.

Fernando F. said...


they look adorable in their jumpers...

Lucy the Lab said...

Oh that water looks so blue & lovely. What a pretty place for dogs to play in! Makes me want to play, too! And maybe nom on that swan, BOL!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab
(sent by telepathy)