Sunday, 21 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 640

We woke up to sunshine! Sir H was happy and got himself comfortable in the bed in the sunny spot:

Wiggle was less impressed and instead decided to have a rummage in the toy basket:

Sofy found a sunpuddle:

Wiggle was careless, letting his ball roll away - only to be grabbed by Sofy!

So more toys came out:

With Wiggle settling on a rope & ball toy to shred:

After I'd cleared up the mess Wiggle had made, we went out - today heading over to Caen Hill Locks at Devizes. It's not far away yet I'd never been before!

There are 29 locks which allow canal boats to travel up hill:

Wiggle and Sofy had to stay onlead along the tow path but they were both very well behaved!

Canal boats moored:

Looking uphill:

Young swan on the canal:

Sunshine dogs:

Looking back down the canal:

Unfortunately we weren't able to walk all the way along as there is maintenance work being carried out further down the hill. According to the signs, the work is due to finish at the end of the month so we'll definitely go back again and walk the entire stretch of the canal at Caen Hill.


Lucy the Lab said...

I see you found the one BAD toy that needed to be shredded! One BAD toy can spoil the whole toy box so you are just doing your duty.
What a nice day to go visit the locks & you two look so cute in your matching gentle leaders :)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

that canal looks amazing.
sad to see them wearing that strap around their mouth. I'm sure they don't want to bite anybody ;)
I think Wiggle was sharing his toy with Sofy. Maybe he thought she was not participating in the chew-toy contest :)

Wiggle said...

Oh no! Those aren't muzzles, they are headcollars - a Gentle Leader on Sofy and a Halti on Wiggle. Both can pull on the lead at times so as the path was narrow in places and muddy, added to that, lots of other people, I decided that they should wear their headcollars.

They can still pant, eat treats, drink etc and also bark if they want to!