Saturday, 13 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 632

Today I've been taking care of all the last minute things ready for our big day at Crufts tomorrow. Wiggle and Sofy have each had a bath, just to make sure they are looking their best and the car is now packed with our posters, display stand, toys, treats, blanket and hopefully everything else we'll need!

Despite having lots to do, we've been out enjoying the sunshine and went up to Maude Heath. Sir H was pottering around, taking things at his own pace:

While Wiggle and Sofy were going a little faster!

Ready to chase the ball:

Wiggle chases Sofy and the ball:

Something in the distance was interesting!

Sir H, sunbathing:

More running:

Happy, sunny dogs:

Running in the sun:

Eyes closed, nose up, Sir H is happy just to sniff the spring air:

Happy Wiggle - running with his ball:

My Wigglywigglywoo!

Serious face Sofy, close up:

Sir H, such a handsome kissable face!

After sitting, enjoying the peace and quiet, it was back to running:

While Sir H preferred to sit, having his paw held..... Aww!

We'll all be having a very early night as we have to be up and out of here by 6am tomorrow!! Sadly it would all be too much for Sir H so he will be staying home, but our dogwalker will be coming in to see him, so he'll probably take up residence on the sofa and have a restful day.....


Lucy the Lab said...

The human called you your special name on your blog! Sofy looks very pretty & I noticed she got the ball alot. Sir H having his paw held is so cute. Good luck at Crufts tomorrow; I'll be thinking of you!
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

gorgeous pictures. nice close-ups.
Sir H doesn't need to run to feel the wind... he just let the wind come to his face. Such a nice and sweet soul.
Wiggle and Sofy are made one for the other one. Such a nice complement.
You all have a nice day at Crufts.

Heart of Texas said...

So wonderful to see the whole family out having fun. Of course especially love seeing Sir H with his nose in the air and his eyes closed. I bet he was remembering a wonderful smell.