Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 637

This evening our run of good weather seemed to have changed - windy and rain instead of the nice dry, mild weather we'd been having. Just as well then that Wiggle, Sir H and Sofy had been out in the garden this morning, enjoying the sunshine!

Wiggle was boinging around with the remnants of his honking pheasant:

Soon sofy was in pursuit, doing a bit of boinging too!

Then Wiggle was teasing Sofy by showing her the toy but not quite letting her get near:

So a little game of chase began:

Until Wiggle stopped to do a bit more shredding:

Sir H was determined to take no notice of the game being played around him:

Wiggle was still having fun:

Sir H wasn't in the mood for moving, despite the game of tuggy going on behind him:

Despite having just been brushed, Sir H was still looking rather woolly:

Quick swap around with the toys:

And again:

As it was soon time for me to leave for work, play time came to an end, with Wiggle doing a bit more shredding.....


Fernando F. said...

amazes me how animals will try to play between themselves. just looking to have fun.
Sir H doesn't have time for that non-sense :)
nice to see them having that much activity. gorgeous colors.

Lucy the Lab said...

BOL, loved how you teased Sofy with the toy! And look at that Sir H, studiously ignoring the fun going on behind him. I like to see you all playing in your yard, just like me!
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab