Saturday, 6 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 625

We stayed close to home today for our walk - going to the fields just across the road. Wiggle was running off with his ball:

Soon joined by Sofy!

Sitting in the sunshine:

Our house is in the background!

Fun in the sun:

Even though this isn't the best photo, lighting etc, I love the pair of them running together....

Sitting for the ball:

Waiting patiently, serious expression!

Pretty Sofy:

More running & kicking up some mud!

Sofy managed to stay quite clean for a while....

Whereas Wiggle didn't take long to get muddy!

Muddy paws!

Mud didn't slow them down:

Sofy didn't stay clean for long!

By comparison, Wiggle's face looks quite clean!

More play:

Walking back via the lane, the sheep were in the field. Soon there will be lambs!

Wiggle, with his ball, watched the sheep who then started to move away....

Spring is in the air - snowdrops:


Lucy the Lab said...

I love to see you two playing in the fields & getting all muddy, just like labs should! Maybe I can get muddy today, too! Then we'll all match, BOL -
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

the pics of those lands are beautiful. so calm and peaceful. those dogs are soooo cute. Wiggle's tongue was muddy.
Sofy means business with that ball. She looks very athletic.
Nice to see how well they interact and challenge each other. Nice to have company.