Sunday, 7 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 626

A beautiful sunny spring day here so we all went up to Maude Heath for our walk. We often go there as it's on top of the hill that we can see from our house. There's also a bit of history about Maude Heath:'s_Causeway

The monument:

Of course Wiggle, Sir H and Sofy are oblivious to any history and just wanted to enjoy the sunshine!

Sir H took his time to walk across the field, but that was fine, we weren't in any hurry. Wiggle and Sofy wanted to play ball, so waited patiently:

Sir H, meanwhile, enjoyed rolling around on the grass:

Wiggle only had one thing on his mind - "Throw the ball!!"

Sir H, happy old chap:

Wiggle and Sofy were running in the sun:

A spot of tandem sniffing:

And looking like one dog leaping into two dogs!

Clearly the low approach worked as Sofy got the ball!

Sir H found some interesting blades of grass to sniff:

But refused to take a group photo seriously!

That's better - Sir H is upright again...

As we had Sir H, we didn't walk far, but there was still plenty of room to run around:

Sir H, still rolling. Thankfully he didn't roll down the hill!

Boys together:

All 3 happy, sunny, springtime dogs....

Wiggle, trying to get a head start on the ball while Sofy stays closer:


Sofy wanted to pant with her tongue out but wasn't letting go of the ball!

Wiggle was still full of energy, but Sofy was starting to slow down....

Or perhaps reserving her energy!

Sunny Sofy, beautiful girl:

Shiney, sunny boy:

Back to playing:

After all that fun in the sun, there are 3 worn out dogs here now!


Fernando F. said...

stunning pictures of the whole area.
those 3 dogs are so sweet.
Love Sir H rolls in the grass. He seems to get as much pleasure of that as possible.
Wiggle and Sofy must be exhausted... but I think the ball thrower must have a tired arm also :)

Lucy the Lab said...

I love all of these pictures - everyone looks so happy! What a pretty place to play in - bless Maud for her foresight in ensuring that her path would be enjoyed by so many over the centuries.
Love, your best girl, Lucy the Lab