Monday, 15 March 2010

Our Day At Crufts

We've finally caught up with everything after our fantastic day at Crufts yesterday. Needless to say, we all slept well last night!

There was so much going on yesterday that we didn't get away from the stand much, but we did get to see our friend Andrew and the very handsome Bailey in their class:

Bailey belongs to Tracey, Wiggle's trainer and Andrew is Wiggle's best mate - Wiggle will be as good as gold for Andrew!

Back at our stand, we met Clooney who is a "Hound for Heroes" dog. You can find out more about the charity here:

Wiggle was VERY excited when a friend of his came to visit - Auntie Ellie from the Southern Golden Retriever Display Team! Wiggle's pal on Twitter, MrKiplingWoof told Ellie about Wiggle as although he lives in California, his mum is good friends with Ellie's mum. Ellie came to meet Wiggle at Discover Dogs so it was lovely to see her again yesterday. Even better, we met MrKipling's human as she was over from America!

Wiggle, Ellie, Berkeley and Sofy:

A while later, wonderful oldie Max had joined us:

Wiggle and Sofy, ready to meet & greet!

Wiggle with Bess and Bella, two more LRSE&C rescue Labradors belonging to Louise and her husband.

Our very special LRSE&C rescue boy Barney, belonging to Helen, stopped with us for a while. Barney had been in the Gamekeepers Class with Helen earlier in the day and seemed a little bored to be penned!

Max, happy, handsome, mature chap:

The stand was busy all day, which was great!

Berkeley, Max, Wiggle and Sofy:

My very special Wiggle - my boy did me proud!

The KC Charitable Trust Breed Rescue area:

Later in the afternoon we were asked if our lovely Labrador's could take part in a photo shoot - with Linda Barker, TV personality!

We all had a brilliant day, met lots of lovely people and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I was particularly pleased with Sofy who was so well behaved, despite it being her first big event. It really was lovely to see so many people genuinely interested in the dogs and what LRSE&C do as a rescue.

During the day, all the dogs had plenty of time out of the pen, to meet and greet and wander around the halls. All the Labrador Rescue dogs were absolute stars, being fussed and petted all day and on their best behaviour.

A huge thank you to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust for inviting us to attend. It really was an honour to be able to represent rescue Labrador's.


Fernando F. said...

What a wonderful day.
Lovely pictures. All the dogs looked very happy.
Wiggle is the definition of a rescued dog transform into a wonderful pet. It can be done.

Linda Baker had the honor of posing with Wiggle and Sofy for a picture :) lucky her.

Excellent narrative with all those pics. Thanks.

Lucy the Lab said...

Oh Wiggle, what a fantastic day you all had! So glad to see how busy the booth was, but of course with my handsome boy there, how can I expect less? I hope many people came away considering a rescue dog for their next dog!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab (sent by telepathy)

Heart of Texas said...

Thanks for representing Labrador Rescues around the world so well. I got an email from someone I had not heard from in years who saw you and Sofy at Crufts. She said you were the stars of the show.

Bear said...

Looks like you all had such a great day! Thanks for representing rescue dogs so well! What an honor for you!
Bear hugs!