Monday, 22 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 641

This morning, I was getting Wiggle and Sofy ready for our walk and it got me thinking - the walk we're going to do dictates which of his many accessories Wiggle wears.

Yesterday, Wiggle and Sofy were wearing their headcollars as we were going to be walking on-lead and in area with potentially lots of other people and dogs. Sofy still has her "moments" with other dogs, so I need to make sure I have full control of her. Wiggle often likes to wander about in his own little world, so he too needs to be walking nicely along side me.

Wiggle was wearing his Halti and Sofy was in the Gentle Leader. Both headcollars work in a similar way - they sit across the nose and attach behind the head. The advantage of the headcollars is that they can't pull and I can walk both of them nicely, by my side and make sure they don't bother anyone else.

Sofy had only worn the Gentle Leader once before and while she's still getting used to it, I've been attaching her double-ended lead to her collar too. The reason is that when she's walking nicely, the lead is relaxed but if she goes to pull or lunge, the tension is taken by the headcollar which discourages pulling.

Despite the headcollars looking vaguely like muzzles, the dog can still bark, drink, pant, eat etc and as you can see, both Wiggle and Sofy were quite relaxed:

Of course most days, Wiggle only needs his flat collar and lead as we can walk locally across the fields and on foorpaths we know

Thinking about something as random as collars also got me thinking about the variety of accessories Wiggle has! There's his extending lead, which is great for places where dogs have to be onlead, but there's still room to explore:

And as well as his usual collar, Wiggle has his special Christmas collar:

Not only does Wiggle have a choice of collars, he also has his towelling robe for after his bath:

And his fleece sweater, which is great to keep him warm when he's been swimming in colder weather!

And being the Dog About Town that he is, Wiggle also has his Puplight, for night-time walks:

Wiggle does have a waterproof coat for very bad weather but to be honest, he hates that coat and would rather I didn't mention it.....


Lucy the Lab said...

Oh Wiggle, you are so accessorized! (But I know you don't quite like your after-bath robe!) You look handsome in anything, my love :)
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab (sent by telepathy)

di said...

I know there must be a "Wag if you were born free range" bandana on your wish list too!

midge said...

We love Wiggles red fleece. Where would we be able to buy one for out new lab Midge

Wiggle said...

Midge, the fleece is from Equafleece - lots of different colours and sizes!