Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 647

This morning we all had a lie-in as we'd lost an hour due to the clocks going forward for the start of British Summer Time. While I got on with some chores, the dogs slept off their breakfast and we then headed up to Maude Heath for a walk.

Wiggle and Sofy wanted to play - sitting & waiting for me to throw the ball:

And play, they did!

Sir H enjoyed a nice little roll around:

Wiggle was chasing Sofy who had the ball:

While Sir H decided he needed a rest after that energetic rolling!

Who got the ball.....?


Wiggle: "Aw mum, I wanted the ball!"

Happy Wiggle, got the ball on the next throw:

More playing:


Sofy show's her acrobatic skills:

Then brings the ball back:

Not to be outdone, Wiggle showed off his jumping:

Sofy, trying to keep up:

Sir H, best Feed Me A Treat face:

Sofy was starting to get tired so stopped for a rest:

My boys:

Wiggle wasn't resting - still running & fetching!

Sir H came over all soppy and wanted to be cuddled:

Smiley Sunny Sofy:

Enough of the display of affection, Sir H goes and for a lay down:

Pouncing Wiggle:

And again!

Sir H follows Wiggle as we walk back to the car:

Wiggle, still carrying his ball:

While the dogs spent the afternoon resting, I went out to help on a transport run. This lovely Lab Rescue boy has now gone to his new home:


Lucy the Lab said...

Oh I love the little vid of you & Sofy, Wiggle! So funny watching you glance from the ball to the human & back to the ball again, to the human again... & did I hear a little whine? BOL! Sir H is so funny with his rolling & has a very good treat face :)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

Those are 2 happy Labs living in a wonderful place.
From the first video I see that Sofy understand she has to catch the ball but doesn't understand the part where she returns the ball :) and Wiggle has to explain the rules to her.
Sir H rolls on the grass with gusto!

I'm so happy to see another Lab going to a good house.

Heart of Texas said...

Such wonderful pictures. Wiggle sure can Sky for the ball. And of course Sir H video is my favorite. We had Senior Show Case today in Austin. HOTLab Chip and Sir H could be brothers they have such similar looks ;)