Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Five Year's Ago today......

I went to meet a very special LRSE&C dog.

A few days before, on a rescue forum I used to belong to, I asked whether you should wait for 'the one you think you want' or 'the one that needs you most'. After growing up with a lovely Yellow Labrador, I'd always thought I wanted an oldie Yellow Lab of my own.

But at that time, LRSE&C were trying to find a home for a very special Labrador. Bumpy, or Jake as he was originally known, was a 9 year old blind Black Labrador who had been waiting in kennels for 3 months, overlooked because of his disability.

Five years ago to this day, I went to meet him I fell in love the moment I saw him. I'll never forget that day. Bumpy was in kennels near Milton Keynes so first I went to see Sam, good friend and founder of Dogstar as she lived nearby. Another special friend, Mindy, LRSE&C Co-Ordinator had come up from London to meet Bumpy and the three of us went to the kennels. At the time, I had Guinness and Poppy, so they came along too to meet him.

After we'd arrived at the kennels reception, one of the staff went to get Bumpy. He came out, tail wagging, head down, sniffing his way and I remember dropping to my knee's and giving him a huge hug. He was so handsome and so happy! Ever the emotional female, I burst into tears and behind me I could hear that Sam and Mindy were also sharing the moment. (I can also remember Mindy asking Sam if she needed a tissue and Sam saying she didn't, she was using her sleeve!).

We took all 3 dogs into the paddock so they could meet each other and everything went well, so Bumpy came home.

Bumpy was the most amazing, most brave dog I have ever met. He'd been a working gundog, given up to rescue after his owner went into sheltered accommodation. Despite never having lived in a house, Bumpy settled in and found his way around.

Sadly, Bumpy hadn't been here long when he was diagnosed with acute glaucoma which resulted in him having to have one eye removed. Despite such a major operation, Bumpy made a quick recovery and was to me, even more handsome, in his own special way.

Although he couldn't see a thing - not even make out shadow's or light and dark, Bumpy lived his life to the full and loved nothing more than following a good scent with friends:

I'd never met a dog like Bumpy. Nothing phased him, whether it be taking a ride in a cable car when we were on holiday in Derbyshire or travelling on the top deck of a ferry to the Isle of Wight, followed by a paddle in the sea!

Bumpy was voted LRSE&C Dog of the Year in 2005 and was always popular at the Dogs Party, ready to receive lots of hugs and fuss.

Bumpy especially loved the Downs, one of Wiggle's favourite places - acres and acres of space to explore and very little to bump into!

Sadly, in November 2007, Bumpy was found to have a tumour in his shoulder which after being tested, was shown to be a rare type of cancer.

Although Bumpy got through the surgery and went on to have another few months of good health, in April 2008 the cancer had returned, taking over quicker and despite seeing the specialist and being treated with chemotherapy, Bumpy lost his fight.

But, that most special, bravest boy lives on in my heart, my one of a kind, Bumpy cuddlemonster who loved his toys and was especially proud of his collection of AirKong toys...

The special boy who didn't care that he had sand on his nose!

So today, as with every day, I think of Bumpy, but today, being the anniversary of the day we met, is an extra special day.....


Lucy the Lab said...

Mom has tears in her eyes after reading this... Bumpy was a brave & special boy; but he was able to be brave & special because he had such a loving home in the twilight years of his life. Thank you, Wendy, for giving him that.
Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab & her mom

mybigpetshop said...

Bumpy sure was a lovely looking lad lab.

staratiara said...

Oh Wiggle my human is crying now.
My predecessor was a black lab with one eye
And he lived 5 amazing years beyond
Losing his eye. Lots of labbie love to you
And your human. Today will be a sad day for you but also one to celebrate in Bumpy's memory.

Fernando F. said...

small correction:
5 years ago two special beings met each other.
After reading your beautiful recounting of Bumpy's life very slowly, just to feel myself how his last years went, I can visualize how wonderful few years Bumpy had with you. Nothing short of winning the Dog's lottery. That dog was suppose to have no hope base on the conditions he was, and you took him in. Just amazing. The best thing possible for Bumpy was that you went that day to see him.

Bumpy's mom, Wiggle's mom, Sofy's mom, you are really amazing.
The World is a better place with you on it.

midori/kalo said...

On five years ago 21st., my dog died because of cancer. Now, we have another dog but, her memory became like one beautiful hard blue stone in my heart. Every dogs are wonderful.