Friday, 30 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 680

What with one thing and another, today's blog entry is running rather late!

I've been out to see a dog this evening so Wiggle and Sofy had their walk as soon as I got home. Thankfully the rain today was while I was at work, so we'd had dry and bright walks morning and evening.

Wiggle and Sofy wanted to play ballgames:

But had a rest from play, concentrating on snffing....

Sofy does her best Sit & Wait for a Treat after being A Good Girl for Coming Back:

Wiggle gets sidetracked so Sofy gets the ball:

Ready to go again:

And once again, something gets Wiggle's attention more than the ball!

But its too late by the time Wiggle decides that he does want to play....

Back at home this evening, Sir H has been showing off his best Alien Eyes!


Fernando F. said...

what's with the bended ear Sofy? (1st pic). and Wiggle... that is call cheating...
those houses in the background are beautiful.

watch out with Stephen Hawking... he says that aliens are bad... Sir H is a good doggy... even with those alien eyes.

Lucy the Lab said...

What were you sniffing, my love? Sofy was just waiting for you to be distracted! BOL, sometimes I have alien eyes, too, just like Sir H :)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab