Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 672

We're still having lovely weather here and Wiggle and Sofy have had fun this evening when we went for our walk across the field next to our house.

Both were keen to run around after the ball:

After stealing the ball, Sofy brings it back to me:

Wiggle got sidetracked with some interesting smells but with ears-a-flapping, soon caught us up!

Sitting in the evening sun:

Back to running:

The moon, in a cloudless blue sky....

The sun was starting to set:

So it was time to get ready to walk back home:


Annie said...

Yap! Ma and I agree. We are being 'shined upon' just now to have so much sun here. I love- love-love to see your walkie adventures. You doggies are so inspiring. You have a very special Mum, and you too are all very special doggies! LOLicks... AnnieBella X

Lucy the Lab said...

Oh, that Sofy, stealing the ball from my Wiggle! I liked the flappy ears & especially the pretty moon shot. When I gaze up at the moon tonight I'll know you gaze at the same moon, too! xoxo
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab (sent by telepathy)