Friday, 2 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 652

As forecast, we woke up to miserable weather - wind and rain. This morning we couldn't avoid it and ended up getting soaked but this afternoon we got lucky and managed to get a dry walk in!

So we headed over to the Downs and straight away, Wiggle and Sofy were running and chasing the ball:

Sitting in the sunshine:

Flappy, windswept ears:

Sofy beats Wiggle to the ball:

The weather must have put off other walkers as we didn't see many others!

Wiggle - one dog and his ball:

Sofy got caught by a gust of wind which blew her ear inside out!

Wiggle decided to take the track the racehorses use:

Happy Sofy - pleased with herself for coming back when called & waiting for her treat:

Ready to race for the ball:

Wiggle was in the lead:

And got the ball!

Fun in the grass:

While Wiggle was busy sniffing, Sofy stole the ball away from him:

"Mum, that was MY ball!"

Sofy found a puddle to splash in:

And so did Wiggle!

Then they both found a shallow ditch to paddle in:

Wiggle's mucky face:

More running:

All that space and still no one else!

Apart from getting muddy, Wiggle was due a bath. He still has a bath with his Malaseb shampoo every few weeks. Despite all the bath's Wiggle has had, he looks tragic!

And after his bath, Wiggle wears his towelling robe to dry off!


Lucy the Lab said...

Sofy is being very good by coming when called... & very sneaky to steal the ball away from you, Wiggle! And I see how you got mud on your cute nose, BOL!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab (who loves muddy noses)

Fernando F. said...

what a fantastic day.
all that space for themselves.
I'm sure they wouldn't mind some Labs to play with.
Sofy's water puddle looked cleaner than Wiggle's puddle. Is that the reason for that bath?
The dogs look gorgeous as usual.