Friday, 16 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 666

Oh no, it's Day 666! Not that Wiggle can count that far!

This evening we've been up to Maude Heath. The weather's been good again today so we all went out to get dogfood and stopped for a little walk on the way back:

Both Sofy and Wiggle were very boingy:

Especially Sofy!

Wiggle was hunting. For cow poo......

And not opening his mouth, which would have shown traces of his little snack!

Sofy was also trying to look innocent:

Snacking over, back to running:

Sir H, taking a slower pace:

Then a roll:

Minds back on the ball:

Sunny, evening Labrador's:

Sofy, couldn't resist snaffling some more poop:

"Who, me?"

The flecks on the tongue, a tell-tale sign......

Sir H, not caught eating cow poo:

Sofy tries to nudge Wiggle out of the way:

Caught in the act of cow poop snaffling!


Lucy the Lab said...

BOL! Cow poo! BOL BOL!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab (who now wants to taste nommy cow poo)

Fernando F. said...

Sofy, you look very bouncy... new pads in your paws? :)
Wiggle, you can close your mouth all you want but those eyes are screaming "that cow pooh was good".
Sofy looks very innocent... she wouldn't do that.
Sir H looks hilarious rolling on his back.
The 3 together is priceless.
Sofy has very good moves to avoid losing that ball.

Where are they playing? in a fast food cow pooh restaurant? :P