Friday, 23 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 673

This evening, straight after work we went up to the Downs. Normally, Wiggle, Sir H and Sofy get their dinner when I get home but when they realised that we were going out in the car, they didn't mind!

Wiggle, concentrating hard on the ball in my hand:

"Where did the ball go?"

After Sofy found the ball, Wiggle follows:

A short video of this evening's playtime:

Sir H, watching. Unimpressed. As always.....

Wiggle and Sofy:

Sir H, looking slightly happier:

Sofy and Wiggle, still playing:

While the youngsters were busy, Sir H sniffed out the treats in my bag:

And decided to help himself!

Waiting for the ball:



Sir H, unhappy that I'd removed the treats from his reach, trying the begging approach:

Last game of fetch before heading home:


Annie said...

All three of you are so very lovely, handsome and, in Sofy's case, beautiful! Your coats are so shiny and Ma and I are in love with Sir H. He he... He is clever to find the treats! BOL! Thank you for blogging. We so enjoy reading...always. You are so very inspiring.. X

Lucy the Lab said...

Oh Wiggle, I love your "throw the ball" stare! You & Sofy are so cute on your vid playing; especially with Sofy trying so hard to get the ball from you!
Sir H had his eye on more important things, BOL.
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

those 2 dogs are so playful and beautiful and shiny.
the stare at the ball is hilarious as usual.
Those fields are amazing.
I can't understand how anybody will removed treats from Sir H's reach... I wouldn't have the heart... bad mom! :) (just kidding).

great pics.

Heart of Texas said...

Oh that look from Sir H. I am sure that he is plotting revenge for moving the treat bag out of reach.