Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 674

Today we went to the Bowood Rhodeodendron Gardens. The gardens have opened for the season, although as the winter was long, the flowers are a bit late. If anyone is in this part of Wiltshire, until next weekend, its free entry to the gardens:

Dogs are allowed, but on lead, although I'm sure that didn't stop Wiggle and Sofy enjoying themselves.

Start of our walk:

Some colour in the background:

Although lots of the flowers are late, there were some out already:

Wiggle, in front of the Mausoleum:

At the front:

Pretty paths to follow:

Flowering Magnolia:

(Wiggle took special interest in the Magnolia, thinking about his LucytheLab!)

The leaning tree:

Pretty flowers:

Somehow, I don't think Wiggle and Sofy enjoyed the flora quite as much as me!

This plant is apparently a Skunk Cabbage Plant!

We had a lovely walk, hardly seeing another person. It was lovely and peaceful, wandering along the different paths, in the sun and the shade. Years ago, long before Wiggle, I took my grandmother to the Rhododendron Gardens and she enjoyed it, so its a special place for me.

Back home, it was time for ice lollies!

Sir H was first:

Then it was Wiggle's turn:

Then Sofy:

"Any more?"


Fernando F. said...

Beautiful place to be.
But is a crime to have those dogs on a leash when they are so adorable and nice.
I bet Sir H appreciate his ice creams.
Those 3 in one picture is priceless.

Lucy the Lab said...

The Rhodedendron walk is beautiful - was the 2nd flower photo a camelia? I've never seen one with pointed petals before - very unusual & pretty. I see Wiggle & Sofy were very good on the walk, so of course they deserved a treat when they got home!

"Please, oh please, give us more ice lollies!" Love that last photo, BOL.

Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab