Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 668

Another beautiful sunny day for us so after I'd got some of the chores out of the way, we went over to Caen Hill near Devizes. When we went before, British Waterways were doing work along side the canal but that's all finished now and we were able to have a good walk along the locks which go up hill.

Or in this case, downhill!

No idea what this is, but I thought it was pretty!

Wiggle and Sofy walked on-lead. We did see other dogs who had obviously been in the canal for a swim but I was worried that as well as the water being rather murky, the sides of the canal are steep.

Further down the towpath, the view back up the hill:

As we were walking, a barge was navigating the locks. After a chat with a chap from the Waterways, I discovered that it takes 4 hours for each boat to get up the hill. We weren't in any hurry, so we watched as a barge came through one of the locks:

At the bottom of the main flight of locks:

Wiggle and Sofy and a handy post!

With winter having been so cold, the flowers seem later than usual, like this Bluebell:


After being out in the warm sun, on the way home we stopped at the river in town so Wiggle and Sofy could cool off in the water:

They both had fun, splashing around & playing ball:

Despite the lovely day, there was only us at the river

Cooling down:


Splashing after the ball together:

Back home and after all that walking and swimming, it was time to dry off in the sun, relaxing on Sofy's bed:

Although Sir H didn't come out with us, he was enjoying the sun while we were out in the garden:


Annie said...

You had a lovely day too! You are such beautiful and handsome doggies and you have a Mum who looks after you so well. My Ma just told me that, before i was born, she and Pa navigated the flight of locks you visited. She said it was very good excercise! Have a good doggie week. See You on Twitter. LOLicks to you all. Annie

Fernando F. said...

the locks are fascinating. they look so well maintain.
those dogs are the luckiest dogs in the entire World. Other dogs might take these kind of walks once in a while but for Wiggle and Sofy is almost a daily event.
Their colors are beautiful.
Very nice pictures. All of them.
Does Sir H brings toys to fling them around when he goes for a walk. He might not be able to run, but flinging should be something he can do with ease.

Lucy the Lab said...

Four hours to go through that section of locks! Wiggle & Sofy could walk faster, BOL. But it would be fun to meander down the river on a boat.

I see how you all help in the garden, just like me! And lay about in the sun, too :)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab (sent by telepathy)