Monday, 19 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 669

After our walks in different places at the weekend, this evening we stayed closer to home and walked across the fields. Despite the weather still being so nice and such a lovely evening, we only saw one other dog being walked!

Once we were home, it was playtime in the garden. When I'd bought dog food on Friday, I'd also got a new toy for Wiggle and Sofy but today was the first time they'd seen it!

Sir H, as you can see, couldn't have cared less!

Wiggle and Sofy started off with a little game of tuggy:

Which Sofy won!

After some boinging, Sofy had a little chew:

Before Wiggle snatched Snake and did some boinging of his own:

More tuggy then followed:

Being a gentleman, Wiggle let Sofy win:

Poor Snake was soon showing signs that he'd be needing a little trip to the Toy Hospital:

Sir H, completely unimpressed with snakes and tuggy games:

After Snake had been despatched to a place of safety, Wiggle decided to chew on his rope toy for a while....


Fernando F. said...

They are so cute when they look into the camera.
They are not trying to steal it from each other... they are trying to see what is inside... they are working as a team.

yeap... that toy was a one day toy. the rope has a better expiration date lol

what would Sir H do with the toy if somebody offer it to him?
I'm sending him a mental tap-tap in the head for being such a pretty dog...

Lucy the Lab said...

You showed that BAD Snakey not to smirk & stick his tongue out at you, BOL. He'll have plenty to think about as he recuperates in the Toy Hospital!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab (sent by telepathy)