Saturday, 17 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 667

Today we have the most beautiful, sunny day - clear blue skies and nice and warm.

Wiggle, Sofy and I went to Lacock for a walk. Lacock is a very old village and has been used as a location for many movies, including the Harry Potter films. The village is also famous for the Abbey as it's where Henry Fox Talbot discovered photography!

I'd found the route of the walk online:

After parking, we walked along the road, going past the Abbey:

The tower:

Abbey from the fields:

Wiggle and Sofy stayed onlead as there was livestock in the fields, including cows!

The Abbey, just visible through the tree's:

We carried on walking, following the river but I didn't let the dogs in as the bank was rather steep. Before long, we were back to the outskirts of the village, which has lots of very pretty cottages, just like this one:

The river:

Walking across the field:

Sheep & lambs:

We reached the ford so Wiggle and Sofy had a paddle and a drink:

Then carried on through the village. The building are all very old and I think, interesting!

As it was such a nice day, we stopped at the tea rooms so I could have a coffee:

Wiggle and Sofy, just chilling.....

After our lovely walk, it was home again, for some sunbathing:

While Sir H was also catching some rays, after having had a nommy Gotcha Day treat!


Fernando F. said...

the cottage is beautiful. I love the old architecture.
lovely cows, or as Wiggle and Sofy know them... breakfast dispensers.
Did I mentioned I love those houses made with stone? :)
I wonder if the dogs are asking themselves "when are we going to start running for the ball?".
Happy Gotcha Day Sir H

Lucy the Lab said...

What a nice walk through a historic town - and livestock to leave you nommy poo snacks in case you felt a bit peaked! I think little lamb T9 should be renamed "Fred".
Love, your best (and clean-smelling!) girl, Lucy the Lab