Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 664

We've had a lovely sunny evening here in Wiltshire so we went up to the Downs.

Wiggle and Sofy wasted no time in running around:

Wiggle, at full stretch:

Sofy and Wiggle, having fun in the evening sun:

Sofy, waiting for her treat after brining the ball back:

More playing:

Sir H, giving me those pleading eyes for a treat:

Still playing:

My handsome WigglyWoo!

Sir H, sleepy or squinting?

Wiggle tries to fly:

He who jumps the highest gets the ball!

"Please feed me some more treats"

Starting to get tired......

Sir H, no interest in playing with the youngsters!

Sofy's in front for a change:

Blurry-tailed with anticipaction - the ball was at my feet!

Soppy old Sir H, enjoying an ear rub:

As usual, Wiggle runs ahead for the ball:

Who's got the biggest tongue!?

Changing places:

We've all had a lovely evening and now I'm surrounded by the sound of gentle snoring.....


Annie said...

Oh such a lovely time you have on your walks. You are so inspiring. Ma and I especially like to see Sir H. Bless him very much. Thank you for writing!

Lucy the Lab said...

Running! Leaping! You & Sofy looked like race horses out there today (and why not when you're at the Downs!)I like your tactic of the head start, Wiggle!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

wonderful pics.
I found hilarious when they realize they can get a good head start for the ball. That shows a clear understanding of game.
Whoever catches the ball first is happy and comes running back, but the other one is equally happy running back for another chance at the ball.
Sir H is just a sweety pie. Every time I encounter a dog in the park, I scratch their ears... I'm sending a scratch-to-his-ear to Sir H... all the way from Montreal.
Wiggle was showing off all his athletic skills. I'm impress.