Sunday, 4 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 654

At last, a sunny day! After all the rain we've had over this long weekend, it's been lovely to finally have some sunshine.

We went up to the Downs this morning so Wiggle and Sofy could have a good run aroung.

They played nicely, taking it in turns with the ball:

Sir H wasn't running, instead preferring to enjoy the fresh air:

I tried to get as group shot but no-one was interested!

Wiggle and Sofy just wanted to play:

Sir H didn't....

Sofy played tug:

And after finally letting go of the ball, is ready to run again:

Play stops for treats:

After all that running and fresh air, everyone was feeling a little weary. Sofy, only just keeping her eyes open!

Sir H......

Oh dear, clearly all that fresh air is very tiring for an old chap!

Wiggle preferred to rest from the comfort of the sofa....

After a little rest, it was time for an Easter treat, which was of course a reason for Wiggle and Sofy's interested expressions..

Hot Cross Buns for dogs!

Fortunately Sofy waited for me to remove the packaging

Wiggle was waiting patiently....

As there were only 2 special treats, Sir H had a special something - sausage. He was so excited, he went all blurry!


Lucy the Lab said...

What a beautiful head pic of Sofy! That one should be framed. And hot cross buns for dogs & sossijes! A nommy Easter all around.
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab
P.S. I loves you MORE than ham, Wiggle xox

Fernando F. said...

wonderful pics.
their faces when they wait for the ball or for treats is just funny, like little sad puppies.
Sir H getting his treat is my treat :)

Heart of Texas said...

Oh Sir H looked like he had an enjoyable day. And all three did Pose for a photo

Annie said...

Oh what a beautiful run on the downs. You look like you are having such doggie fun times! Going to follow your blog, if that's alright!