Sunday, 24 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 584

What a busy day! The sun was shining so Sir H enjoyed a little walk up to the green and spent some quality time rolling in the grass and getting lots of tummy rubs.

Wiggle and Sofy went up to the Downs for a run. Wiggle was chasing around after his ball, enjoying the nice weather:

Sofy was being a very good girl, saying hello nicely to the dogs she met and coming back to me every time I called her. Sofy loves playing ball too and waits with Wiggle:

Fun in the sun:

Pretty Sofy:

Handsome Wiggle:

Sofy following Wiggle, although maybe she just wanted to try and get the ball!

Still playing follow the leader:

Sofy, having fun exploring - offlead!

Poised and ready for the ball!

Both going for the ball:

Wiggle fetches the ball:

Sofy's turn:

Back to Wiggle again!

Starting to get tired, Sofy sits and watches Wiggle:

Two dots in the distance!

A little video clip from today's walk:

After all that running around, Wiggle and Sofy slept soundly when we got home but this afternoon, they had to get up to go to a very special playdate!

Remember Bella who stayed with us for a short while last year?

Today we went to meet up with Bella and her lovely new family. Bella is looking absolutley brilliant with lots of fur on her now, a big change from the baldy girl who was here in November.

Here's Bella:

Isn't she lookin great?

Bella now has a fur-sister, Delilah and the pair of them have fun together, raiding the fridge being a favourite pastime!

I don't know if Bella remembered us but we all had a walk in Bella's local country park, getting nice and muddy. Wiggle and Sofy found a stream to splash around in:

After such a busy day, Wiggle and Sofy have spent their evening fast asleep....

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Baked said...

Wiggle, you are such a gentleman to share your ball with Sofy! I liked watching you two on the little vid. Bella is looking lovely & so glad she is in a happy home that loves her :)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab